Joust a'Plaisance

The Joust a'Plaisance competition was held twice a day over all three days of the event. A total of 18 jousters participated in the Joust a'Plaisance, making Lysts on the Lake 2011 the largest competitive jousting tournament in North America!

Dustin Stephens on Sampson and L Dale Walter on Brenin cross lances (photo by Jay Baum)

Sean Gullick riding Red breaks a lance against Dusty Martel (video by TheKnightsHistory)

Here are the names of all those who competed in the Joust a'Plaisance in the order in which they held the field: Andre Ranier, Dave Wise, Dusty Martel, Linda Young, Mike England, Steve Martel, Ryan Saathoff, Dale Walter, Steve Hemphill (winner of the joust), Scott Wilson, Peter Barclay, Luc Petillot, Kelly Hicks, Federico Serna, Dustin Stephens, Matthew Daniel and Sean Gullick.

Steve Hemphill won the Joust a'Plaisance with a score of 3.0952 out of a possible perfect 4.0.

Steve Hemphill holds aloft the prize for the Joust a'Plaisance (photo by AzulOx)


  1. Sean is jousting against Steve Martel ;)

  2. That's actually me, Dusty Martel. =)