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 Richard Garriott

Competitors and their Horses

 Andre Renier on Rilus Maximus

 Bobbie Patterson on Apollo

 Dale Walter on Brenin

 Dave Wise on Ladybug (Melee a'Cheval winner)

 Dustin Stephens on Sampson(Mounted Skill at Arms winner, Award of Honour, Overall Champion)

Dusty Martel on Vego

 Federico Serna on Captain

Heather Perillo on Darktanion

Kelly Hicks on Sam

Krissie England on Loki

Kristin Flitcroft on Penalope

Linda Young on Rock

Luc Petillot on Plum, Bandit and Ladybug

Matthew Daniel on Alexander and Rock

Mike England on Loki

Peter Barclay on Hank

Robin Daniel on Pocket

Ryan Saathoff on Zwanzig

Scott Wilson on Pocket

Sean Gulick on Red

Steve Hemphill on Lucky and Tinkerbell (Joust a'Plaisance winner)

Steve Martel on Aries

Tiffany Geissendorff on Plum and Ladybug


Aaron Sherry
Whitney Rowlett Senn

Ground Crew

Michael Carroll -- Master of Arms
Jennifer Jobst -- Line Judge
Nikki Fourtzialas -- Line Judge
Samantha Matyas
Tanz Dexter

Audrey Saathoff
Chris Willinger
Dawn Allee Hemphill
Ilona Marie Beck
Kelly Martel
Michelle Caddell
Paul Clontz
Robert Welch
Robin Daniel
Ryan Saathoff
Samantha Matyas
Wayne Stevens


Albert Cofrin
E. J. Jones
Emily Dugas
Richard Keene

Chivalric Fighting Arts Association

Bob Charette - Forteza Historical Swordwork Guild
Caleb Hogg - Southern Academy of Swordmanship
Christopher VaughnStrever - The Freifechters
Dale Moss - Southern Academy of Swordmanship
Greg Mele - Chicago Swordplay Guild
Hal Siegel - TherionArms and The Texas Marxbruder
Leopoldo Lastre - Chicago Swordplay Guild
Nicole Allen - Chicago Swordplay Guild
Scott Wilson - Southern Academy of Swordmanship
Tim Delrie - Southern Academy of Swordmanship

The Horse Boy Foundation

Conner Combined Training


  1. Tis Aaron Sherry and Whitney Rowlett Senn :) And also a million inappropriate shaft jokes.

  2. Peter was riding Hank, who is my big kid :) I was staff, barn manager, and competed in skill at arms on Penalope :) hope that helps and thanks tons for this page!!!
    kristen flitcroft

  3. Andre's horse is Rilus Maximus (Riley)
    Dale's horse is Brenin
    Dustin rode Sampson
    Dusty is on Vego
    Fred is on Captain
    Krissie and Mike were on Loki (or Low-key)
    Linda was on Rock
    Matthew Daniel was on Rock
    Heather Perillo on Darktanion
    Bobbie Patterson on Apollo

    Squire: Kelly Martel

    Staff: Kimberly Pruitt Nobles - Stage Manager

    Volunteer: Cori Killian

    There's more... names are escaping me

  4. Steve Martel on Aries
    Kelly on Sam

    More to come...

  5. *a-HA*! Scott was on Pocket!

  6. Thanks for all your help, Cori!!! I really appreciate it!

  7. Samantha Matyas as Squire and ground crew. She broke her arm doing it too!

  8. Nikki Fourtzialas - Line Judge

  9. The other musicians are E.J. Jones, Emily Dugas, and Richard Keene. :)

  10. Other horses, according to my interview forms:

    Robin on Pocket for Skill at Arms
    Dave on Ladybug
    Steve M on Aries
    Luc on Plum
    Scott also rode on Bandit
    Kelly on Sam (aka Titan)
    Sean on Red
    Ryan on Ziggy (Zwanzig)
    Steve H on Tinkerbell and Lucky