Quotable Quotes

During the event, there were some interesting phrases that quickly became quotable quotes. Whitney and Aaron, the announcers for the event, also apparently made several memorable statements, such as those about certain competitors "lances" and "shafts", that are not suitable to be printed here.

"If chivalry isn't one of the main reasons we do this, we might as well be playing paintball." -- Dustin Stephens

"I'll cut you" -- Whitney Rowlett Senn

"Accidental dressage!" -- Jen Jobst

"Sometimes in the joust [pronounced 'juiced'] everything goes right, and you win. Other times you make the crap lance..." -- Luc Petillot (whose native language is French)

"Whack-bonk" -- Whitney Rowlett Senn

"I will never drink tequila again... Today." -- Eric Dube

"It's German, swallow it." -- Steve Hemphill

"Shut your hay-hole" -- Robert Welch

"Use the force, Luc" -- Aaron Sherry

"The reputation of French men as lovers is impossible to live up to... For other French men" -- Luc Petillot

"This event will be his baptism by molten lava" -- Federico Serna

"And one time at joust camp...." -- everyone

‎"Sometimes, when you are a man, you wear stretchy pants..." -- Kelly Hicks

"TINKERBELL GO SMASH!" -- Whitney Rowlett

"This event is a real competition, but beyond that it is more. It is a crusade to make jousting, not what it has been in the past, but what it ought to have been all along." -- Federico Serna

"...I think it's a great idea to let another guy hit me with an 11' stick from horseback. That alone should make my judgement suspect!" -- Ryan Saathoff

"it's quite clear that we *all* have a problem....
Hello everyone. I'm Steve and I'm a jouster." -- Steve Hemphill


  1. The German quote was from Steve, if I remember correctly

    "I'll cut you!" was said frequently :-)

  2. I'm trying to photoshop "I'll cut you!" onto the proper picture. If not, I'll just scan my awesome drawing.

    "Accidental Dressage!"

  3. Whitney, it should be a pic of someone slicing a cabbage. :)

  4. I'm pretty good with photoshop (or rather GIMP, since I can't afford photoshop), so if you can send me the appropriate picture, I can caption it.

  5. My favorite came from Luc:

    "Sometimes in the joust (pronounced 'juiced') everything goes right, and you win. Other times you make the crap lance..."

    That is SO going on a T-shirt. Front will be "Don't make the crap lance"


  7. Also, I'll cut you is from my captioned version of King Rene's treatise on jousting. It's a work of art, I tell you.

  8. Whitney, can you send me a picture of that to post with the quote.