Pictures from Lysts on the Lake 2011

Scott Wilson on PocketMatt Daniel on Rock staring down the end of a lanceSteve Hemphill awarded prize for winning Joust a'Plaisance
Federico Serna takes a hit in the JoustRichard Garriott practices against the quintain.Dale Walter
Mounted chargeRyan Saathoff on Zwanzig (photo by Jay Baum)Scott and Leopold of the CFAA
Heather Perillo tilts against the quintainMatt Daniel (photo by CVS)Dustin Stephens and Steve Martel in the Melee (photo by Jay Baum)
Dave Wise on Ladybug(photo AzulOx)Dale Walter on Brenin (photo AzulOx)Matt Daniel (photo AzulOx)
Mike England on Loki (photo AzulOx)Tiffany, Scott and Dave(photo AzulOx)Connor Combined Training (photo AzulOx)
Sean Gullick on Red (photo Christopher Vaughn Strever)Federico skewers and carries off cabbage(photos AzulOx)
Krissie England on Loki (photo AzulOx)Matt Daniel on Alexander (photo GMR Hammond)Tiffany Geissendorf(photo Jay Baum)

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