Melee a'Cheval

The Melee a'Cheval was held on Saturday morning. The Melee a'Cheval involved 16 mounted combatants all fighting against each other at the same time. The competition depended on each competitor to acknowledge the hits against him or her and to withdraw from the field when he or she had received five SOLID blows.

Melee a'Cheval: Part One (video by TheKnightsHistory)

Melee a'Cheval: Part Two (video by TheKnightsHistory)

Dustin Stephens and Steve Martel compete in the Melee a'Cheval (Photo by Jay Baum)

Here are the names of all those who competed in the Melee a'Cheval in the order in which they were eliminated from the field: Ryan Saathoff, Steve Hemphill, Kelly Hicks, Steve Martel, Mike England, Andre Renier, Dale Walters, Dusty Martel, Federico Serna, Peter Barclay, Dustin Stephens, Luc Petillot, Sean Gullick, Tiffany Geissendorff, Scott Wilson and Dave Wise.

Dave Wise riding Ladybug managed to outlast all other competitors and therefore won the competition.

Dave Wise on Ladybug entering the field for the Melee(Photo by Jay Baum)


  1. a total of 16 people participated.
    Would love to see the list of finishes. Should be able to get the order from the photographs of the lineup.

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping to get a copy of the official results from either Dawn or Elizabeth.