Behind the Scenes

In addition to those involved in the jousting competition(the jousters, squires, ground crew and announcers), there were quite a few people involved in demonstrations and performances that were held throughout the event, including the Chivalric Fighting Arts Association, Connor Combined Training and The Horse Boy Foundation. Heather Dale also performed concerts on Friday and Saturday evening after the event. However, there were many others whose work went on before the event and behind the scenes during the event -- the many hard-working staff and volunteers without whose help, this event could not have happened.

Steve Hemphill produced Lysts on the Lake 2011 with the support of his wife, Dawn Allee Hemphill, and with the help of many of his friends.

Steve Hemphill astride Tinkerbell (Photo by Jay Baum)

Dawn Allee Hemphill, Lady of Honour for Lysts on the Lake 2011 (Photo by Moon)Dawg)

Lysts on the Lake 2011 Staff and Volunteers
Steve Hemphill -- Producer
Dawn Allee Hemphill -- Lady of Honour
Kristin Flitcroft -- Barn Manager
Kimberly Pruitt Nobles -- Stage Manager
Josh Baker of AzulOx Photography -- Official Photographer
Eric Dube -- Official Videographer
Ryan Saathoff -- Webmaster
Cori Killian
Evan Gullick
Jan Hutchinson
Jay Baum
Jasmine Gullick
Jess Daniels
Kelly Martel
Lesley Wilson
Melanie Yenawine
Rebecca Ditmar
Tanz Dexter
Teresa Wise
Wayne Stevens
... and many others

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